Aquaten – Engineered water attenuation solutions to reduce flash flooding and support urban drainage systems

Nearly all cities in the world have one thing in common; roads, roofs and an abundance of buildings that leave very little natural permeable surfaces. This creates problems for drainage systems in periods of sustained or heavy rain.

Legislation is being introduced across the world to promote water attenuation and reduce the impact of urban flooding. Most SuDs solutions are reactionary, waiting to manage the water once it hits the ground.

Aquaten doesn’t wait for flooding. Aquaten cuts rain off at the roof.

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A short animation looking at the effects of urbanisation on rainfall and the role of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) and how water attenuation systems can contribute.

Help contribute to better management of water with a solution that is applicable to every new build project and now a responsibility of every local authority. See how the Aquaten water attenuation solution can help.

Water is a key issues across the globe from too little to too much. Less Water represents the danger of too little and the challenges faced with two much and the effects of mis-management.

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Aquaten cuts rain off at the roof!

Find out how Aquaten solutions can support Urban Drainage Systems
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