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A new concept in pollution control and water attenuation.

Across the world there is a rapid increase in urban living, couple this with the consequences of global climate change bringing wetter winters; hotter, drier summers and you have increasing pressures on resource management.
In cities, we see the most immediate effects of this in rising pollution levels and flash flooding incidents.
Aquaten has developed a range of products to support sustainable development. Our goals are to support modern cities in answering these challenges.

Pollution Control

A lightweight green roof engineered to extract acid gases and chemicals from the air

along with enhanced water attenuation properties for a simple solution.

Aquaten Clean

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Flood Management

Absorb up to 3 days of rainfall with our highly absorbent water attenuating fibre

on an easy to install lightweight roof tile.

Aquaten Blue

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Green Roof Systems

Support green roofs through unpredictable temperature and rain fall patterns

reduce stormwater run off, provide a valuable reserviour for plants with passive irrigation.

Aquaten Fleece

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Policy & Legislation

Towns and cities are under increasing pressure to reduce water run-off and flash flooding

the range of products from Aquaten can help comply with new legislation and planning processes like SuDs.

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Explore Recent Work

We have fulfilled a number of projects with leading partners across the UK in the last 12 months. Here are a couple of examples.


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Aquaten products offer versatile solutions to a range of green roof, clean roof, water attenuation, and more.


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