Aquaten Clean is engineered to extract acid gases and chemicals from the air. Highly adsorbant & lightweight by nature it’s a fit for all projects.

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How does Aquaten Clean work?

Aquaten Clean works by using materials which attract and neutralise pollutants from the air

Every square metre of Aquaten Clean provides an adsorption capacity of up to 5 kg of pollutants per 100 square metres per recharge. The material is naturally ‘recharged’ many times per year meaning that up to one tonne of pollutants can be adsorbed by 100 sq.m. every year.

Aquaten Clean has a very high internal surface area – 1 sq.m. can offer up to 60,000 square metres. This surface operates like a magnet attracting gases and particulates.

Aquaten Clean will neutralise certain atoms, ions or molecules from the air. Through the process of preferential adsorption, pollutants such as benzene, chlorobenzene, ethylbenzene, diesel and automotive fumes, naphtha and naphthalene, nitrobenzene, phenol, smog, tar, toluene, toluidine are absorbed.

Aquaten Clean also holds up to 4 litres of water per square metre, thereby increasing its capacity by capturing and neutralising pollutants within rain water.

A study by King’s College London in 2015 found that nearly 9,500 people in the capital die early each year because of air pollution. A global study by the World Health Organisation in May 2016 found London breached guideline limits for two harmful types of particulate pollution. In 2017, it took parts of London one week to breach annual limits.

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We’ve developed a lightweight green roof that, along with it’s enhanced water attenuation properties, has been engineered to extract acid gases and chemicals from the air, targeting the health threatening pollutants currently causing major problems in our towns and cities.

We welcome the commitment by the Mayor of London to cleaning up our major cities: “I have been elected with a clear mandate to clean up London air – our biggest environmental challenge. We need big, bold and sometimes difficult policies,” said Sadiq Khan, (May 2016)

Khan was talking from a rooftop garden of a primary school in Aldgate, which is situated on a busy road packed with cars and buses. Sir John Cass’s Foundation is equipped with its own pollution sensors as well as one from the wider London Air Quality Network.

“For me it can’t be right that this school on three occasions last year has to make the call whether to allow children to play in the playground breathing in this dangerous stuff or play indoors,” Khan

We are convinced that Aquaten Clean, only available through Aquaten Ltd., will provide an additional solution to many of the problems facing inner city development, both in the UK and worldwide.

Who’s at risk?

Some suffer more than others. It’s not the same for everyone.
Poor air quality is bad news for all of us, but certain groups are affected more seriously than others. Children, older people, people with asthma and cyclists are all more likely to be affected by poor air quality, as are poorer communities and ethnic minorities.

This makes improving air quality a matter of social justice.

Product Details

  • Green Roof

  • Lightweight

  • Activated Carbon

  • Pollution Reduction

  • High Water Capacity

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