Aquaten Blue

Aquaten Blue Roof is a lightweight roofing tile containing a highly super absorptive water attenuating fibre – AquaSAF – which absorbs and holds three days of average rainfall, releasing back into the atmosphere through evapotranspiration or into the watercourse in a controlled manner.

This highly water absorptive geo-matrix can be applied to a roof (flat and pitched) and will be able to withstand degradation for 5 years minimum from: Wind; Rain; Ultra-violet light

The Aquaten Blue Roof can be self-bonded to a wide range of roof surfaces (surfaces commonly used such as asphalt, slate, concrete and terracotta tiles, PVC, HDPE etc.)


  • The product will attain high levels of water absorption, as well as optimum evapotranspiration properties to allow the material to ‘re-charge’ over a 3-day period in order to maximise its attenuation benefits.
  • We aim to retain the first three days of average rainfall volume, approximately, so it can be seen that it is a major advance in fighting the problem of urban flooding.
  • The product is modular thus alleviating the problems associated with fitting, i.e. weight, labour intensive, specialist skills and heavy machinery particularly when working in dense urban areas.

Aquaten Blue Roof is much more than just a green roof and has water attenuation as its key and critical purpose. The product will work as a standalone system and/or in conjunction with a green roof build.