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Retrofitting roof to produce salad for city bank kitchen

Leading international banking group, Standard Chartered, who are committed to building a sustainable business over the long-term, have further enhanced their reputation in the City of London with the development their wildflower roof garden and addition of salad and herb gardens to the existing biosolar roof at its head office, bringing the novel benefit of rooftop crops for their in-house kitchen and restaurant.

Darren Sears, head of FM Technical Services globally at Standard Chartered, is the driving force behind the development, has been looking at ways to reduce the banks carbon emissions as well as impacting on its long term energy costs.

“Based on the success of our Biosolar installation we decided to develop more areas on the roof with the addition of unique portable green roof units that enable us to grow a range of salad and herb crops for use in our own fine dining restaurant,” says Darren. “The lightweight green roof units meant that the installation could be undertaken without disruption to our day-to-day business and in a fraction of the time taken for normal green roofs.”

The installation was fulfilled by Mike Cottage of Active Ecology and Angus Bryant of Microfolia Ltd: “It took a four man team less than a day to complete the hundred square metre development including transporting the materials onto the sixth floor roof, preparation of the area and planting. All of this was made possible by using the new Aquaten Lite green roof system which made light work of a normally back breaking task,” says Angus. “The result is a multi-functional roof that has a built in irrigation system to see it through very dry spells and increase the value of the roof space.”

Green roofs are good tools for achieving storm-water management and can offer far more as Dusty Gedge, President of the European Federation of Green Roof Associations, points out: “Any given green roof delivers multiple benefits, primary drivers tend to be economic, insulation or more significantly reduction of heat flows into buildings during hot weather reducing energy cost. The development of a lightweight, retrofit product such as Aquaten Lite is significant and could see the thousands of square metres of existing roof space being re-greened across our major cities.”

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